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December 6, 2006

Finishing a garage window

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My garage has an unfinished window. After replacing the window, the previous owner did not bother re-doing the window casing (see left picture below). Unfortunately, he also did not do a great job sealing around the window. There is a minuscule bead of caulk outside through which I can see the sun light. It snowed here in washington so last weekend, I decided to stop this cold air entry point. I also decided to finish around the window.
I considered these two options:
  1. Use stock pieces of wood to build a complete window casing, sill and trims.
  2. Drywall around the window, install corner bead.
As you can see on the right picture (after drywall taping 2nd coat), I went with option 2. It is in the garage so I need a sturdy solution: items stored in the garage may fall, I might hit the sill while manipulating long pieces of wood… Also, for a garage, a more "industrial" look is adequate so solution 2 was a clear winner.
The following picture shows a detail of the bottom left corner of the window opening:

First, I hung pieces of drywall around the window. I filled all empty spaces with expanding insulating foam (the kind which cures soft so it will not bow the window). You can see the yellow foam oozing on the picture below.

I then installed metal corner beads all around outside edges. I secured them to the framing with 1 1/2 roofing nails. Screws make it harder to align the corner bead and therefore are not recommended so I used nails:

I then taped in corners and coated corne beads. Here is how it looks like after the first coat (notice that the picture was not take immediately after taping – the mud has set at some places and is still setting on others):

I still need to do the final coating, sand, prime and paint so stay tuned – I will post pictures of the finished product.

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