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November 14, 2006

Installing a kitchen sink step by step

Filed under: Renovating a 1900 house in Seattle — Gilles @ 11:10 pm

I am almost out of a 2 months long house renovation in Seattle. This was done with Le Triporteur du Pacifique Nord. This post describes how we did install the kitchen sink.
First, we started by cutting the counter top roughly to the size of the sink. Actually, we did cut a little tight (too tight?) and sanded away the extra material with a power belt sander. The sink was test fitted in the hole:

We first put a bead of silicone caulk under the surround of the sink and pressed it down. Anchors were used to tighten the sink to the counter top. A bead of plummer’s putty was put around the strainer and the strainer was pressed in position to ensure the putty creates a leak free seal. We installed the faucet and the basket strainer assembly (with a new gasket, in blackn on the second picture) and tightened. We then attached supply lines, p-trap and connected the drain.
The sink was tested by filling it up with water and then draining it by releasing the strainer basket. Here is the finished counter top:


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