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September 4, 2006

[Drain Marathon] Kitchen drain: no leak anymore!

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I have redone the kichen drain completely. You can see the before (left) and after (right) pictures below:


The garbage disposer drain is now connected through one straight pipe (no more SLIP Joint extension which was leaking). This eliminated the need for the garbage diposer elbow.

I have also removed all solvent welded 1 1/2 ABS fittings connecting the drain to the P-Trap. The ABS pipes were primed with purple primer and then solvent welded, perhaps with PVC cement. This is a major no-no. This makes the connections prone to breaking. It was obviously a hack job done by a poorly informed homeowner. How did I figure out it was purple primed? Easy: light joins with a powerful flashlight. If it is purple primed, you’ll see the distinctive purple color shine.

I have installed a solvent welded ABS HUB x SLIP fitting to transition between ABS and PVC (in this case, by code, one cannot solvent weld ABS directly to PVC). The new PVC line from the P-Trap to the wall’s SLIP Joint adapter has been installed with a slight slope to facilitate evacuation.

This project was easy and is definitely within reach of most homeowners who know how to uses a hacksaw and a sharpie pen!

I encountered one speed bump: the sink basket strainer. First, I thought that I could get by without touching it. Well, it turns out that it was leaking too (just like all other pieces of this drain) so I had to unassemble it, clean it all and re-assemble it. Here are the before (left) and after (right) pictures:


I cleaned all traces of plumber’s putty (the brownish paste near the black gasket on the right of the drain) and re-sealed the drain with fresh plumber’s putty. I could have used silicone caulk but I did not have any transparent caulk handy. Moreover, since I may replace the sink in the next year or so and perhaps re-use the strainer, it will be so much easier to get the putty out compared to the silicone caulk!


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